South By Girls

Uh, come on, turn the music up in my headphone
That's it, let's go. Uh…
SXSWi, put yo motherfuckin' hands in the sky
SXSWi, here we go here we go here we go, uh…

Ya wait in line, ya show ya conf pass
Nearly every party at SXSW interactive requires you to have your conference pass to get into the party.

You gonna need it if ya wanna get some hot ass
Fuck the panels, there ain't one girl ta talk to
The SXSW talks are led by a set of panelists, and they're called panels.

I didn't fly here to see some Wired dude
The keynote speaker at SXSW Interactive this year is Chris Anderson, a previous editor-in-chief of Wired and the author of a popular business book called The Long Tail.

You want The Long Tail? Well that's the wrong tail
Imma take these geek girls back to ma hotel
You show me Django, I'll show my Python
Yeah it hang low, I know ya type strong
This last line is a huge double meaning. Python is a language that is considered to be strongly-typed in computer science. See more about type systems.
You know what Twista said, girl you tha prototype
A reference to Twista's Overnight Celebrity. "Dre told me you tha prototype / I can make you a celebrity overnight"

So stop that JavaScript girl, let me show ya right
JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that is prototype-based. When you're writing JavaScript, to attach things to an object you use the keyword "prototype." This is more wordplay off of Twista's Overnight Celebrity.

Come on find me, I'm all up on Brightkite
Brightkite is a location-based services startup that tells people where you are.

This is South By, you ain't gotta code tonight
Let me call some friends, we be at the closed parties
The most exclusive parties at SXSW are closed to entry from the SXSW public and you have to be on a guest list to get in.

You be VIP only if you ma shawty
You wanna job in BD girl? Have em all
BD is a short term for Business Development, where all of the MBAs work in Silicon Valley. There's a lot of money in this sector.

I be spending VC on some Cristal
VC = Venture Capital. The lifeblood of Silicon Valley startups.

So ya boyfriend, he wrote a Platform app?
Facebook Platform is the product name for the software on which other developers can write their own Facebook applications.

Well I wrote Facebook bitch, whatchu think of that?
These other geek dudes, they be talking model-view
I can't control myself girl, since I looked at you
These last two lines are a wordplay on a software engineering paradigm known as model-view-controller, which many web frameworks are based.

So all ya geek girls, ya gotta get low
This ain't code girls, yo ass on the flo
South By 2009, this is how we do
Geek girls lookin fine, we got some work to do
So shake it left left, uh shake it right right
This party never ends, baby we go all night
Let's pack the dance floor like a buffer overflow
Most viruses attack software through the idea of a buffer overflow, where the software puts too much data into one container (a buffer) and the overflow causes the user to have control over a system.

Get everyone movin, ladies what ya got ta show?
Yeah fuck yo laptops, fuck yo productivity, imma
Call up Scott and Cy and put you up on Zivity
Scott and Cyan Banister are the co-founders of Zivity, a site for geek models.

Work yo ass like yo never worked before
Then we head back, and then we work some more
So hold up, wait, let me tell ya dudes
For every one girl here, they be a hundred yous
This is an interactive conference. There are FAR more men than women at them.

Step it up, man, ya gotta hear me
Pack that Mac away, man, no jQuery
jQuery is a popular JavaScript library. I use it nearly every day.

Geek girls, hell, man, you can woo these
Not wit Rails, man, but wit rubies
More huge wordplay. Ruby on Rails is a super popular web application framework, written in the Ruby language. Rails is the official name of the framework. I'm saying you should not worry about using Rails, but to woo them with legitimate gemstones.

I'm talkin' Cartier, maybe some Tiffany
You see this belt, man? Yeah it be Louis V!
Wait, get back to what I came here for
I got more numbers in the bank than a data store
Let's go girl, it's yours or my place
This is my world, fuck those nerds on MySpace
Ya bring some friends, maybe 2 or 3?
Yeah that's all fine girl, 'cause I support concurrency
Probably the nerdiest way to allude to an orgy ever.

See geek girls, look at what you to do me
We can hit up Union Square and you can spend my currency
Union Square is San Francisco's shopping district, full of luxury fashion houses.

You just alright? You ain't so hot?
You like SQLite, you got shit on lock
Being a simple database engine, SQLite works by locking the entire database file from being written whenever it is making a write.

Ya know baby I love ya black rim glasses
This is a veiled reference to friend Ethan Kaplan's blog, Black Rim Glasses. Ethan was the one that joked about me making a nerdcore song on Twitter and inspired the idea.

Ya might be just the type for South By nerdcore rappers
Come on girl, I'll put you up on TV
Let me DM Rose and put you on Revision3
Three references in one line: "dm" refers to a direct message on Twitter. Rose is a reference to Kevin Rose, Digg co-founder, tech celebrity and co-founder of Revision3, an online video startup.

This ain't fake girl, this the new reality
I wanna see ya be the next big tech celebrity
We got the party goin' girl, you can't stop this
Now make like Huey said and pop, lock and drop it
Once again another legitimate rap reference to Huey's hit track Pop, Lock and Drop It.

Show these Texans what it's like to see some Cali azz
If ya work it right ya might end up on Valleywag
Basically the tabloid of Silicon Valley, Valleywag is a blog that comments on the personal lives of various Silcon Valley personalities.

Let's go girl, rewrite the definition
Valley girls be the ones with a whole lot ambition
Making a fun joke about the Silicon Valley vs. the San Fernando Valley.

Yeah drop it now girl, this only happens once a year
'Cause for tonight girl, you mo' than just some engineer
Now all ya hata geek dudes c'mon and spit ya game
I be rockin this to a whole new reference frame
A rather forced rhyme for the physics concept of frames of reference. Probably my least favourite line in this track.
That's right y'all, this only lasts four days
SXSW Interactive is from March 13-17.

So drop ya cell calls and start drinking for-tays
Yes, I'm talking about 40 oz. beer.

Look at us now, where be film and music?
SXSW isn't just interactive; there's a film component and a music component too.

"Oh that computer stuff? That be too confusing"
Here at South By, we make 'em know this:
It ain't no lie, their world we own it

(Autotune Lyrics/Backup)
Oh SXSWi-i-i
Oh get low on the floor, come on baby show me fo sho
Get low, let's not code, let's go, go oh
Fuck the panels there ain't one girl to talk to
I didn't fly here to see some Wired dude
I want you tonight
(Various oh-oh-oh loop)
Shake it left left, oh, shake it right right
Fuck yo laptops, fuck your productivity
(Longer oh-oh-oh loop)
(Higher oh-oh-oh loop)
(Various oh-oh-oh loop, tweaked higher)
(Staccato oh-oh-oh loop)
Oh no oh
SXSWi, put yo hands up in the sky
Oh yeah, oh no
Girl you look so fine, let's go home tonight
Oh yeah, oh whoa