Double D - South By Girls

Make a nerdcore rap video. Win an iPhone 3G.

Step One. Download the MP3.

Download South By Girls

Need more Double D?

Download the full remix pack, with lyrics, multiple versions of the song, single vocal acapellas and the melody sample. (View the lyrics only)

Step Two. Submit your video.

Once you’re done filming and editing your video, submit it to the South By Girls video contest Vimeo group at

All submissions must be in no later than March 31, 2009 23:59 PDT to be considered for the gift card. You can submit after if you don’t want a prize :)

Step Three. Win an iPhone.

Give us until April 10 to review your music videos and choose the best ones. On April 10, the winner will be announced at the @southbygirls Twitter page and the video will be placed on this site. Double D will also send you a $199 gift card valid in any U.S. Apple Store.

Giveaway only valid in U.S.

Be a nerdcore superstar. Get free stuff.

It all started as a joke. On a Twitter challenge from a record-industry friend, Eston made a rap song about SXSWi. While we weren’t able to finish the video in time for SXSW, that doesn’t mean that you can’t. Make a video using Double D’s single and submit it to the Vimeo group by April 1, 2009. Our kick-ass panel of judges will then choose the best video and the winner will be sent a $199 gift card valid in any U.S. Apple Store.

Remember, the more you show your geek-gangsta cred, the better.

Meet the judges. Appease them and win.

Picture of Eston Bond

Eston Bond

Eston is the writer of “South By Girls.” An ex-Facebooker and designer at young startup iList, Inc., Eston is an avid lover of underground hip-hop and electronic music. He’ll pound out tracks in Ableton at night and then pound out JavaScript the next morning. His hint for the contest? Be a geek, but keep it trashy.

Picture of Ethan Kaplan

Ethan K aplan

Ethan knows music. A record label executive by day, Ethan’s also a hardcore nerd. The world’s biggest R.E.M. fan, Ethan majored in video and has an MFA in conceptual art. He's made artwork out of Java objects. Don’t fuck with him.

Picture of Veronica Belmont

Veronica Belmont

Veronica is the ultimate geek girl. Co-host of Revision3’s Tekzilla with Patrick Norton, Veronica will pwn you at your own video games and out-hack you on her Windows 7 Beta-running HP Mini netbook. Don’t get in her way unless you’re planning to lose.

Picture of Irina Slutsky

Irina Slutsky

No one knows nerdcore videos better than one who’s starred in a video herself. As the host of Geek Entertainment TV, Irina’s Vlog Deathmatch rap video has received over one million views. Keep your technical skills on point when filming and you’ll score extra points from this übergeek.